Case Study: Success Stories of Entrepreneurs with Trulia Clone Platforms

case study: success stories of entrepreneurs with trulia clone platforms.

Today many young entrepreneurs are in various industries from small-scale to large-scale sectors. In recent trends many investments have happened in the real estate market, so what made it grow? Let’s take a look.

How Does the Real Estate Market Grow Digitally? 

Like any other industry, the real estate market grew massively with its digitalization. Websites like Trulia and many other such property listing websites scaled to a large scale reaching more people. For starters, Trulia – Real estate software is a popular real estate platform that preserves information about properties, neighbourhoods, and real estate trends which looks to sell, rent, and lease in an online portal rather than a physical approach. This ideology was most  welcomed by many real estate promoters who turned into entrepreneurs,

Passive Income for a Homemaker

Homemakers usually have goals to earn a passive income, without disturbing their day-to-day activities and chores. Read to know more about how a custom real estate website like Trulia helped a homemaker earn passive income! Came across a success story of my neighbour, Jesi is a homemaker but she had a passion for real estate brokerage for a small income one fine day she reached a leading digital solution provider that rules in the construction industry and so they have a Trulia script – Asset Plus – Real Estate software in web and mobile app and once she purchased the real estate script – initiated to white label with a brand name, logo and looked for agents, builders to add their properties so it started to fill up with unemployability issues and now she stands very successful in real estate industry with greater ROI. She really covered all the property-related sales and rents in her app and website, which gave her better coverage than talking to the leads through phone calls! 

Benefits of using a real estate listing platform

One single platform that connects real estate agents, property owners, builders, and sellers. Other than that the real estate listing platform offers a feature-packed app and website with the following benefits. 

  • Data, Description, and Photos of the property from the owner
  • The photos, residents’ descriptions, and information about a specific region and street, state, city, and district are sometimes even with custom 360-degree views.
  • The residents can add reviews and opinions about the specific area, whether or not it’s well-constructed, neighbours, schools, and more.
  • No Bargain, fixed cost of the properties that are analyzed in real-time based on the area of the property.
  • No external brokerage and high brokerage fee scams.
  • More informed decisions with a wide range of filters to narrow down the search based on user preferences.
  • Easy comparisons among various properties and information related to main landmarks and other amenities available in that area.
  • Access to updated information in real-time.
  • 24/7 customer support to contact an agent easily.
  • Speeds up the sales since everything is available digitally and in real time.
  • Directions to sell and sign the documents.
  • List the required properties at their best, the potential buyers need not visit the property until they make a solid decision.

Why Choose BSEtec’s Real Estate Software – Trulia Script?

BSEtec offers an intuitive and user-friendly real estate app, Asset Plus. It features separate logins, mortgage calculators, easy property listing, and efficient lead generation. Simplify your real estate business with our streamlined solution.

How to get the real estate listing website script – Asset plus

Visit and reach BSE tec’s team who are faster to discuss and take things forward, 

  • Share Demo links to  explore
  • Have a couple of script packages at affordable prices (Open source package Encrypted package) 
  • Higher-end features with tech stacks also involve customization if required. 
  • Customize with your branding
  • Ease approach of query clarification
  • Server selection & deployment 
  • Support Team 

At BSEtec, we understand that the real estate industry is evolving, and technology plays a pivotal role in its transformation. Our team is dedicated to helping you leverage the power of our Trulia Clone Script – Asset Plus Real Estate Software to build a cutting-edge real estate listing website. The future of real estate awaits, and we are here to help you unlock its potential. Contact our team at to get started on your journey to real estate excellence with BSEtec. Don’t wait; the time to transform your business is now!

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