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Impact of Food Delivery Apps on Restaurants

Urbanisation and lifestyle changes are some of the reasons for the successful turnovers of food delivery apps. If you’re a restaurateur, you need to have one yourself. Nowadays everyone walks around with a smartphone, and they are sure to have at least one food

How can you make money using Freelancer clone script?

Today, the term “freelancing” has become synonymous with all professions. Some of the popular freelancing gigs now are marketing, web development, tutoring, social media coordinators, bloggers, graphic designers etc., Instead of always trying to please your boss and peers, to get that promotion, you’ve

Most Important e-learning trends post COVID-19

COVID-19 has hit the educational sector pretty hard, and there’s no way things are going to get back to normal for now. Schools, colleges, workplaces remain closed, and people are trying to face the harsh reality. Students who were unprepared for independent learning, have

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