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Why Social Media Clone is a Revolutionary Startup Trend in 2021

  The Internet has been an emerging field, with its ever-evolving and expanding technological developments that are connecting different people all over the world, it has become quite popular among the millennials and Gen Z. Social media networks are gaining heights of success by offering unmatchable services. It has been estimated each year that more

Instagram clone – A Potential Tool for Business Engagements

With the active 4.57 Billion users, Social media is overtaking every industry in terms of connecting people and Data collection. With that high engagement, Social media is now also the best revenue generation industry with the simple business idea of memory sharing and connecting virtually. Among all social media platforms, Instagram is the most popular

A Definitive Guide to Social Media App Development:

  Ever thought about the tremendous popularity of social media apps among the millennials? How social media has become a fundamental part of our lifestyle, especially due to the increase of smartphone usage worldwide?  When we just hear the term social media, the first thing that pops up on our mind is probably Facebook, Whatsapp,

Four Reasons Why You Need an In-House Social Network

  We as humans are all connected around the globe today, and we can share our memories, motives, thoughts, and everything with anyone on the planet now because of social networking apps like Facebook, Instagram, etc.  But is that the only thing that social networking apps are capable of? Instead of using Facebook, Instagram, or

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