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Design Thinking: Get Started with Prototyping

Design thinking is a term that refers to the process of It may appear at first to be one of those hazy, ambiguous phrases that you hear and reject as a fad. At least, it was my initial reaction when I heard about it. Design thinking, it turns out, isn’t just a fad — it’s

10 Reasons why prototyping is essential

Your employer is enthusiastic about a new app, and you’re an app designer or product manager. According to research, there is a lot of interest in the app, and there looks to be a big market for it. However, when you begin to design and create images, as well as develop logic flow, you may

A Guide to App Prototyping for Beginners – Protomock

Designing something is quite an expensive endeavour, especially when the usability problems are not identified beforehand, bugs are prevalent and their expectations of the customers aren’t met after the big launch of a new product.  So, once you commence with the design thinking process about how to create an app or website, the first thing

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