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Know about the Importance Of Automated Accessibility Testing

In the software development lifecycle, the testing is playing an important role, which helps to improve the quality, reliability & performance of the system also check that software is not doing what they not supposed to do. There are basically two types of testing in Software Development, Manual and Automation. Now let’s talk about Automation

The Magic of Serverless Architecture

Nowadays Serverless is one of the hottest buzzwords in the technology world. many experts believe that serverless computing is the future, as mobile and Internet of Things applications continue to fuel demands for serverless architecture, coupled with the growing need to integrate cloud applications with mobile and desktop apps. Traditionally, servers are based around a

Test Virtual Reality Applications

Firstly we need to know what is Virtual Reality Testing? Technology is constantly moving forward and VR (virtual reality) applications are making their own place in the global market and in our lives. Let see the three important fundamental concepts before going towards ahead: What is usability ? What is Virtual Reality (VR)? What are

Infer.NET Machine Learning Framework

Microsoft open sourced Infer.NET, is the cross-platform framework which is used for model-based machine learning. This machine learning engine basically used in Office, Xbox and Azure, will be available on GitHub under the permissive MIT license for free use in commercial applications. Infer.NET framework are running Bayesian inference in graphical models. Features of Infer.NET The

Microservice Testing

The new constant pressure on technology to adopt and align themselves to dynamic changing need to business surroundings. Current trend demands larger scalability, cross-platform capabilities, and quicker deliveries. Microservices architecture helps organizations produce decoupled and independent processes and services that are easier to deploy and manage. The aim isn’t have inter-modular dependencies. Thus quicker releases

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