Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps is originally proposed by Google in 2015, they have already attracted a lot of attention because of the relative ease of development and the almost instant wins for the application’s user experience. It is a latest technologies to combine the best

Vector – Latest Home Robot

Vector : this is a latest home robots of Anki, Vector robo is a character, a buddy that live in people’s homes. He has everything on board to understand his environment, interact with people, provide a really unique emotional wrapper, around a variety of

Digital Transformation in Software Testing

Advance Technology such as Test Automation, Cognitive and Artificial Intelligence, DevOps, the digitalization of industries that were previously slow to adopt new technologies, and the Internet of Things (IoT) is upgrading the changes that are breathing new life into the notion of testing as

Introduction to TensorFlow

TensorFlow is useful to have a mental model for how the system behaves and server behaves, but mostly you can forget everything and use the high-level wrappers. If your job is just to use machine learning. Machine learning algorithms out of the shelf. If

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