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 The evolution of smart contract: What will look like in 2024

Smart contracts, a groundbreaking application of blockchain technology, have been evolving rapidly since their inception, Nearly there are more than 44 million smart contracts deployed on Ethereum Smart contracts have come a long way and are poised to undergo significant changes by 2024. We will explore the evolution of smart contracts and speculate on what

Smart contract in supply chain management

Supply chain management is a 360-degree revolution across various industries like pharma, education, steel plant, construction, and food industry holds A-Z of industries but doing the right things is effective in supply chain management and thus smart contracts join hands to provide effective results. Let’s see what it can do. What is a smart contract?

Interoperability of smart contracts: A beginner’s guide

Blockchain technology is reshaping industries and redefining how we transact, communicate, and secure data. We shall delve into the fascinating world of blockchain, exploring its potential in this digital age with the interoperability of smart contracts. What is interoperability? Blockchain interoperability is the ability of blockchain networks to communicate with each other, sending and receiving

Blockchain-Backed Food Traceability [An Overview]

Do you Know?The average food plate of an American is sourced from 5 different states or countries! Sounds truly like a global affair! The food on your plate may have travelled hundreds or even thousands of miles before reaching your local grocery store. The current world population is approximately 8 billion. The demand for food

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