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BseTec’s ExpertPlus Version 2.0 is All Set to Hit the Market

BseTec is ready to launch ExpertPlus 2.0 version, with plenty of appealing features. Earlier, BseTec team gladly launched its ExpertPlus, the product created from the inspiration of Udemy, the world class online education marketplace. It was released in the market on November 6th 2015 and since its launch, it has been in great demand that

Vue.js – Adoptable JavaScript framework for building UI on the web.

Vue.js is an open-source progressive JavaScript framework for building user interfaces. Vue.js is a front-end framework that is simple to use yet powerful in nature. It provides data-reactive components with a simple and flexible API. Core features include: Declarative rendering with a plain JavaScript object based reactivity system. Component-oriented development style with tooling support Lean

BseTec’s ASSETplus Hits the Market – The Ultimate Real Estate Management Script, Inspired from Trulia and Zillow

BseTec team has created its next exclusive script, the ASSETplus. The all new script, the ASSETplus has been launched and it allows creating a comprehensive property or real estate marketplace portal, almost immediately. With this intricately built template, the admin can manage unlimited number of users, who may be the buyers or the sellers or

Scala-Easier scripting !

  Scala is a universally useful programming language. Scala has full support for functional programming and a solid static type system. Scala is also object oriented programming language which we describe as like JAVA. Mainly uses a curly-brace {} begin/end of the syntax and it is a common construct.Scala has lot of features when compared

Mongo DB-Review

MongoDB is a cross-platform and open-source document-oriented data model. It´s a kind of NoSQL database. MongoDB is built on architecture of collections and documents,which means,MongoDB doesn’t use tables and rows as in relational databases. MAIN FEATURES: AD HOC QUERIES: MongoDB carry field, range queries, consistent expression searches. Questions can get back to particular fields of

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